Be Remarkable Funding Network  provides funding for best-in-class real estate investors and developers.

Be Remarkable Funding Network is powered by lenders; originating, underwriting and funding loans internally.

Be Remarkable Funding Network provides investors, corporations and other entities with multiple strategies capital  that are below the criteria set by traditional bank loans. This allows us to relax traditional due-diligence parameters and stringent lending guidelines. In most cases, you receive the funding that you need quicker.

You’ll find after a quick conversation, there may be multiple solutions that can solve your particular need. Most importantly, a consultation lets you know what your options are so you can move forward executing your asset-based strategy. All situations are unique, so it is best to contact us for an evaluation. 

We are specialists in utilizing a property’s earning potential so it can be used as collateral. In simple terms, by examining the asset-based potential of your real estate, we can formulate an offer based on the forecasted income of the real estate asset. Our lending is asset-eccentric, therefore it is focused on the real estate’s future earnings.

Popular Programs and Key Features

Small Balance CRE Loan ($250k-$10MM)

• Great for qualifying W-2 and self-employed investors
• Based on property versus personal income
• Best alternative to hard money loans
• Available as a 3-year or 8-year fixed loan, each amortized over 30 years

Bridge Loan ($2MM-$100MM)

• Higher LTV than other hard money options
• Great for borrowers who need quick close
• An interest-only 1-year term provides lower monthly payments
• Perfect for acquiring or leveraging real estate with deferred maintenance
• Great for borrowers with a recent bankruptcy or default
• No seasoning of ownership required
• Derogatory mortgage history is okay.

Residential Investor Loan ($75k-$5MM)

• Allows borrowers to finance improvements
• Great for borrows who need a quick close
• An interest-only 1-year term provides lower monthly payments
• A higher LTV than traditional hard money lenders

Our mission is to help you accomplish yours.

(Final loan terms may vary based on loan types, verification of application information, and other risk-based factors.)