A private nationwide lender network.


Short-term financing for the purchase & rehab of non-owner occupied properties.


Institutional Lenders underwriting, and funding loans internally.


Short-term financing for residential, commercial & mixed-use properties.


Loans for commercial real estate investors, builders, contractors, and property owners.

Capital providers for real estate investors, commercial contractors, and developers throughout the United States.

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We are specialists in utilizing a property’s earning potential so it can be used as collateral. 

Project Funding

Finance your investment project

Bridge Loans

Get a bridge loan, keep your cash-flowing.

Real-Estate Loans

Get a credit line for the unexpected

Be Remarkable

All situations are unique, so it is best to contact us for an evaluation. You’ll find after a quick conversation, there may be multiple solutions that can solve your particular need.

Benefits to Developers & Project Owners

Benefits to Developers & Project Owners

We are the capital partner for best-in-class real estate developers and investors.

Benefits to Real Estate Investors

Benefits to Real Estate Investors

Loans for fix & flips or hold properties for rental income, with flexible options that are suited to your needs.

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Our mission is to help you accomplish yours.



We can formulate an offer based on the forecast income of the real estate asset. Our lending is asset-eccentric, therefore it is focused on the real estate’s future earnings.,



We provide investors, corporations and other entities with multiple strategies to deliver commercial capital to entrepreneurs that fall below the criteria of a traditional bank loan.

We help you grow your real estate investments: 2020 and beyond

Client Centric Mindset

Client Centric Mindset

Systematically  Responsible

Systematically Responsible

Integrated Expertice

Integrated Expertice

We integrate corporate responsibility into our core businesses, ensuring our expertise produces benefits for our clients, partners and our communities at-large.

Realeflow. The Smart Way To Invest In Real Estate

Imagine you had instant access to almost ALL of the discounted properties in your local area – and you could just pick & choose the ones you want to invest in.

GROUNDFLOOR. Capital For Real Estate Entrepreneurs

GROUNDFLOOR was founded on the idea that private capital markets should be open to individual investors, regardless of their wealth or financial status. 


We committed to making a positive impact on communities.

Become A Be Remarkable Real Estate Acquisitions Specialist.

We are doing all we can here at BeRemarkable to help seasoned and new real estate investors prepare themselves for the opportunities that are headed our way. 

Be Remarkable is accelerating the virtual work from home trend.

Yes, we are expanding our team of professional real estate acquisition specialist and ready to invest in you. Free Training- No up-front cost, No registration fee,  No monthly cost. Click here to visit our partner site: PrePaaired.com

Telecommuting and remote work have been on the rise for years, we welcome people seeking more flexible work arrangements or an alternative to support their family and grow their income. Be Remarkable Real Estate Acquisition Team Members will receive Free Access to the Be Remarkable RealeFlow Portal.