A private nationwide lender.


Short-term financing for the purchase & rehab of non-owner occupied properties.


Obtain long-term rental financing with 30-year terms, starting at 5.00%.


Short-term financing for residential, commercial & mixed-use properties.


Loans for real estate investors , builders, contractors, property owners.

A Leading Nationwide Lender
for Real Estate Investments

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Be Remarkable Funding

We provide loans for real estate investors, commercial contractors and developers throughout the United States.

Project Funding

Finance your investment project

Bridge Loans

Get a bridge loan, keep your cash-flowing.

Process & Timeline

Get a credit line for the unexpected

Be Remarkable Group, Inc.

We offer short-term and long-term financing options for real estate investors, contractors and developers. Helping our clients meet their liquidity needs without disrupting their investment strategies.

 Benefits to Investors

Benefits to Investors

Whether you are looking to fix & flip properties or hold properties for rental income, BRG has flexible options that are suited to your needs.

Expand  Profits and Cash-flow

Expand Profits and Cash-flow

We are the right lender for new and experienced real estate professionals.

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Our mission is to help you accomplish yours.



The Be Remarkable Group provides you with all the financial resources and protections you will ever need, when you need it most.



We also assign you a knowledgeable client service representative that is dedicated to your project and aligned with your growth.

We help you grow your business: From 2020 and beyond


Be Remarkable Group is committed to making a positive impact on communities.

We work systematically to integrate corporate responsibility into our core business, ensuring our expertise produces benefits for our clients and the communities where they operate.

Our Client Centric Mindset

Our Client Centric Mindset

We service real estate professionals; bridge loans, rehab and ground-up construction.

Systematically  Responsibility

Systematically Responsibility

We provide you, the investor, with a financing solution at competitive rates and LTVs.

Integrated Expertice

Integrated Expertice

We serve the needs of new and experienced real estate investors/ developers.